Activity Night

Oct 25, 2022

This was our second activity night of the season, and we decided to try to create some macro and abstract images for one of our upcoming competitions. Great to see everyone attend with their cameras, and we had a few stations dotted around the room for people to try.

We had Lesley with a low key setup, photographing glass, Barbara and Shawn brought along lights and cutouts for lenses… this gave an interesting twist on exposure! Then Mandy was trying to capture flower reflections in drops of water but the stars of the show were Bonnie and Clyde the snails, which were brought along by Judith! One of them kept doing a runner, and he was blimmin quick at that!!!

All in all, we had a fantastic evening, bouncing ideas off each other so hopefully, we all managed to get some interesting images for our competition. Well done to everyone that came along, and big thanks to all that brought along setups, lights and props… it makes for a great evening’s photography!