All things AI with Phil Robson

Nov 7, 2023

What a fascinating night we had on Tuesday, learning all about AI and it’s possibilities! Not for everyone, and you can see why, but for those with an interest, it’s a whole new world.

Paint pictures through your words, AI images are generated by scanning over 14 million images using the tags, and creating an image based on the pictues selected. You can choose what overall look you would like for your image, and go from there… anything is possible! Phil told us all about MidJourney, the app he used to create the image above, part of a series that he has produced, using literature from authors such as Charles Dickens, this image is of Scrooge, described by Dickens himself.

Not something that could be used for competitions, unless it’s specifically for AI, but great to try out for yourself. I checked MidJourney out, and unfortunately, they are not giving free trials out at present, so I tried another app called Night Cafe and the results were nearly as good.

A huge thank you to Phil Robson from Ponteland who gave an interesting and entertaining talk.