Best of the Best PDI Competition

This week saw all of the placed images in all of the qualifying competitions go head to head in the Best of the Best competitions, in both prints and PDI.

What a fantastic lot of images we had to look at, and the standard was exceptional. We asked David Ord to come and cast his expert eye over our efforts, and he did exactly that… with humour added in for good measure! He kept us laughing all evening, and his constructive criticism was informative and educational. We looked at the winning PDIs first, and then moved on to the prints.

David announced the HCs as he went through,  and there were four from the PDIs. First up was Jen Page and her “After the Rain”, then Lesley Hudspith with “Woven Portrait, next was Mandy Hedley with “Autumnal Hues” and last but not least was Jacqui Turnbull with “Bonnie at Golden Hour”. Then once we’d seen all PDIs, came the places. In Third Place was Peter King and “Casa 22a”, Second Place went to Mandy Hedley and “Turning Torso – Malmo” and the winner in First Place was Lesley Hudspith and “Territory Dispute”.

A huge well done to everyone who had images in this competition, all images definitely are classed as Best of the Best! 

1st Place

Lesley Hudspith

Territory Dispute

2nd Place

Mandy Hedley

Turning Torso - Malmo

3rd Place

Peter King

Casa 22a

Highly Commended

Jen Page

After the Rain

Mandy Hedley

Autumnal Hues

Lesley Hudspith

Woven Portrait

Jacqui Turnbull

Bonnie at Golden Hour