Calendar Competition Help

How to Vote

You will see a gallery of images for each month of the calendar. You have five votes for each month, and you need to give your favourite image a vote of 5 stars, then your second favourite image a vote of 4 stars right down to your fifth favourite which gets one star. To give an image a star rating just click on the relevant star below that image in the gallery.

This image is currently unrated, with no stars.

The fifth star has been clicked, so it’s now rated as 5 star.

If you’ve made a mistake in voting and you want to change a rating you need to first remove the rating completely from the image. To do this click on the thumbnail image for a large preview.

If you’ve given your image a star rating you’ll see a red minus sign next to it as shown above. Click this.

The rating for that image will be removed. You can now apply a different rating, or leave it unrated and vote for an alternative image.

When you’ve finished voting each of the three galleries should have five images with five different ratings (from 5 star to 1 star), like in the example below. 

Please check that this is the case. You can go back and change your answers any time up until the competition closes. That’s it! You’re done. You can leave the voting page – your votes have been recorded.

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