Guest Speaker – John Birch, Professional Wildlife Photographer

Mar 14, 2023

Wow! What an evening we had on Tuesday with the long-awaited visit by John Birch, an award winning professional wildlife photographer!

John told us all about the Svalbard, the Norwegian archipelago which is situated between mainland Norway and the North Pole, and the elusive Polecat! First we were transported up to the Arctic Circle to see what life is like for the hardy animals (and humans) who live there, who knew that in those parts, it is illegal to lock your house or car, and you must have a key in full view so that anyone could get themselves to safety?

His landscapes, nature images and narration were awe inspiring, if not a little squeamish! His second talk moved closer to home and John showed us how he captured the fantastic images of the polecats who live around his house. He talked about the setup he used, explained to us all about using flash with nocturnal animals and his images showed us how creative and dedicated he was in capturing these lovely animals.

I’ve no doubt John will return to WCC to tell us more about his travels soon.