Attendees: Paul Watson (Chairman), Jacqui Turnbull (Vice Chair), Reg Ord (Covering PDI Secretary), Richard Swinney (Print Secretary), Dave Bilclough (Treasurer), Mandy Hedley (Programme Secretary), Arthur Coulson (Committee Member), Vera Singh (Committee Member), Barry Singh (Committee Member)

Apologies: Shawn Wallwork (Committee Member), John Picton (Non-Committee but invited re website expertise)


  • Club fees
  • South Tyne Competition
  • Web Chat
  • Committee Member Vacancies
  • AOB


Club Fees

Club fees are renewed each year. There are no current overhead costs for the club. All committee attendees agreed that it’s not reasonable to charge fees for existing members as we’re unable to offer the usual club meetings and events.

Query raised regarding members wishing to join and thoughts discussed.

Decision: It was agreed unanimously that no fees are required to be paid by existing members this season until such a time that club meetings can re-start. Note: This does not include any fee that may be required or due for West End Club membership. This is separate to the Camera Club membership. Also agreed that any new members will be charged a joining fee of £10 which can be offset against any other fees if they become payable in the same year.

Action: Paul to include the decision regarding fees in a club communication.

South Tyne Competition

Paul and Reg explained the rationale behind a decision on deciding this year’s South Tyne club competition entry, feeling due to time constraints and the pandemic, that it was not possible to consult all members and collate a large number of images. Jacqui advised that Lesley Hudspith and Graeme Snowball had complained about this and that we needed to consider other options that allowed the involvement of all members.

Decision: Discussion about any viable options that could meet the submission deadline of 26 October. Jacqui agreed to take on the task of co-ordinating the collection, selection and member voting process to have members agree the club’s entry. Image dimension requirements confirmed as 1400×1040 and ‘we ‘transfer’ as best option for sending large files via email. 

Action: Jacqui to communicate and manage process for club members to submit and select images for South Tyne Club Competition. To include previous competition winning images and for members to put forward up to three of their best images.

Web Chat

General discussion between members, sharing experiences and preferences, including the trials of Teams and Google Meet. 

Decision: Agreed unanimously that Zoom is the preferred choice of use.

Action: Paul to include the decision in a communication to members, outlining the club’s proposal for use. 

Committee Team Vacancies

Graeme has resigned as Club Secretary and Jacqui as Vice Chair. A discussion followed.  Reg suggested that we draft a job description for Club Secretary. Agreed that an AGM is needed to vote and agree on the committee team members for the year

Decision: Job Descriptions to be drafted for all specific Committee Member roles and included when advertising for vacant committee member positions.

Action: Committee members to draft job descriptions for review and agreement.

Post Meeting: Jacqui to continue as Vice Chair until the AGM.


Programme Secretary’s Role

Mandy and others feel the role of Programme Secretary has a heavier workload than others. Some other clubs include the procurement of competition judges as part of the PDI and Print Secretary roles.

Reg suggested a new committee member role of External Competition Club Secretary. As we are unable to arrange a programme of events due to the pandemic and changing restrictions, Reg suggested a diary of competitions for club members.

Decision: Reg and Richard have agreed to arrange for judges for the internal PDI and Print competitions that they co-ordinate. Vera volunteered to collect the weekly 50p subscriptions when meetings resume. Proposed new committee member role of External Competition Club Secretary to be added to the agenda for our next AGM.

Action: Mandy to draft diary of competitions for the year to inform members and publish to our website.

Club Constitution and Rules

Jacqui asked who holds the club’s constitution rule book. Paul advised that Graeme drafted an induction a while back which needs to be updated as it’s no longer in use. Jacqui advised all committee members should have a copy. Reg advised that all members should have a copy. Arthur provided input on what other clubs/charities include, such as procedures, how committee members are elected, frequency and purpose of AGM etc. Jacqui brought up issue regarding comments on social media that can be seen by all members which may be considered as inappropriate. Reg suggested adding something for standards of behaviour to our club rules.

It was noted that several members have left group chats and it’s not clear who wish to continue with their membership.

Action: Committee to obtain existing induction document and to prepare initial draft of WCC Constitution Rules for members.

Post Meeting: Arthur has provided an example constitution rules document.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The need for an annual general meeting was discussed including its possibility during restrictions. Arthur advised that the charity he is involved with held theirs via Zoom. It was agreed to prepare for and arrange an AGM.

AGM invite to include a note for members to confirm their ongoing membership of the club.

Action: Dave to finalise the accounts for the year and inform the committee when complete. Committee can then prepare for AGM via Zoom. Committee roles to be explained and job descriptions published, nominees for committee members invited, and voting arranged via on-line or postal proxy.

WCC Website

Jacqui advised that she drafted a detailed requirement document to inform John Picton of changes and items needed to complete the website. John has the document. She asked for committee members input/agreement.

Action: Jacqui to send excel doc to committee members.

Camera Club Equipment surplus to requirements

Paul mentioned that we have a calibrator that was expensive to buy, and which is no longer needed now that the club has a new projector.

Action: Committee to consider if the calibrator can be sold e.g on ebay to raise some funds for the club.

Next Meeting

Date and time still to be agreed.

Summary of Action Points

Action Assigned Completed
Communication to all members to advise decision regarding fees. Paul Watson  
Preparation of South Tyne Club Entry, to inform members, collate images and arrange voting to agree selection of 10 images. Jacqui Turnbull Completed
Decision regarding use of Zoom for club meetings to be communicated to members. Paul Watson  
Diary of competitions for year to be published and shared with members. Mandy Hedley Complete
Club Constitution to be drafted and circulated to committee members for review. Subsequently: Arthur volunteered to produce an initial draft. Arthur Coulson In progress and comments being addressed from Jacqui, Reg, Dave and Mandy
Club accounts to be finalised for year Dave Bilclough Complete
Committee Members job descriptions to be written in time for AGM. Club Secretary job description to be prioritised Each committee member to complete initial draft of their job description for review by committee members In progress
Arrangement of AGM, in including date, invite to members, request for committee place nominees and voting process Q: In the absence of a Secretary who should do this? Arthur Coulson has been appointed as acting Club Secretary
Document detailing items to complete website to be shared with committee members Jacqui Turnbull Completed and shared with John Picton
Look into selling of club’s calibration tool Volunteer needed