Attendees: Paul Watson (Chairman), Jacqui Turnbull (Vice Chair), Reg Ord (Covering PDI Secretary), Richard Swinney (Print Secretary), Dave Bilclough (Treasurer), Mandy Hedley (Programme Secretary), Arthur Coulson (Acting Secretary), Vera Singh (Committee Member), Barry Singh (Committee Member).

Apologies: Shawn Wallwork (Committee Member), John Picton (Non-Committee but invited re website expertise)


  • Acceptance of minutes of previous meeting to enable members to view on website
  • Matters arising from previous meeting and update of action points
  • Final review of Privacy Policy and acceptance to enable publishing
  • Discussion on where we hold member information and processes to communicate and update the information
  • Process for dealing with a member request for their information


Previous minutes agreed by all and to be published on members section of the club website

Discussion on action points from previous meeting update attached

Privacy Policy agreed with minor amendments and John Picton to finalise wording for website

A discussion took place regarding what personal details we hold and who/where the details are stored. It is limited to committee members on password protected PCs.

The use of Zoom was re-discussed and the purchase of the professional version

The question was raised regarding the introduction of a new Constitution. It was agreed by all that it was needed and final comments are to be made to enable document to be signed off at next committee team meeting.

Latest draft incorporating comments from Jacqui, Mandy, Dave, Reg and Arthur from original draft issued on 26thOctober to be issued for final comments.

Competition themes were discussed and Mandy confirmed it would return to our usual format next year.

Updated committee roles have been discussed with the exception of programme and Competition Secretaries’ roles. It was agreed Mandy, Reg and Richard would discuss and agree final responsibilities for final discussion of all roles at a committee team meeting

Tracey’s ideas for a monthly calendar competition were discussed and it was agreed to start an informal monthly “Picture of the Month” competition to start in December with a member vote from January onwards.

The accounts for the AGM will be provided as two documents as Dave was not Treasurer for the full period

Reg raised a point that committee business should not be discussed on social media but only at formal committee meetings.

Queries were raised as to who correspondence should be addressed as Graeme is no longer Secretary. Arthur commented it would be better to decide after the AGM as he is only prepared to be acting secretary until then.

Subject to agreement by the committee of the new Constitution at the next meeting it was noted that the AGM may take place early January 2021

Next Meeting

Thursday 10th December 2020 at 8.00pm by ZOOM

Summary of Action Points

Action Assigned Completed
Communication to all members to advise decision regarding fees. Paul Watson Completed
Preparation of South Tyne Club Entry, to inform members, collate images and arrange voting to agree selection of 10 images. Jacqui Turnbull Completed
Decision regarding use of Zoom for club meetings to be communicated to members. Paul Watson  
Diary of competitions for year to be published and shared with members. Mandy Hedley Completed
Club Constitution to be drafted and circulated to committee members for review. Arthur producing initial draft. Arthur Coulson Initial draft and revised draft now with Committee members
Club accounts to be finalised for year Dave Bilclough/Paul Watson  
Committee Members job descriptions to be written in time for AGM. Club Secretary job description to be prioritised Each committee member to complete initial draft of their job description for review by committee members In Progress
Arrangement of AGM, in including date, invite to members, request for committee place nominees and voting process Q: In the absence of a Secretary who should do this? To be arranged for early January
Document detailing items to complete website to be shared with committee members Jacqui Turnbull  
Look into selling of club’s calibration tool Volunteer needed