PDI 2 Results - 2020

Open Subject


Results Announced: 8th December 2020

1st Place

The Sage
Jenifer Page

2nd Place

Jenifer Page

3rd Place

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower – Albert Camus
Reg Ord

Highly Commended:

Misty Sunrise
Mandy Hedley

Jamie Welsh

Reg Ord

Rolling in the Hay
Lesley Hudspith

Morning Light
Lesley Hudspith

Rainbow over Llandwyn Lighthouse
Lesley Hudspith

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Leafy Falls

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Waterfalls always invoke feelings that are paradoxical - the noise of the water suggests raw power yet the gurgle of the stream is soothing! Sharp focus and slowish shutter speed captures movement well. The big slab of rock in front dominates heavily though as it’s so dark Also a little too dark low right and on the left too – would lightening enough not to burn the water fall out it lift the whole picture?