PDI 2 Results - 2020

Open Subject


Results Announced: 8th December 2020

1st Place

The Sage
Jenifer Page

2nd Place

Jenifer Page

3rd Place

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower – Albert Camus
Reg Ord

Highly Commended:

Misty Sunrise
Mandy Hedley

Jamie Welsh

Reg Ord

Rolling in the Hay
Lesley Hudspith

Morning Light
Lesley Hudspith

Rainbow over Llandwyn Lighthouse
Lesley Hudspith

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Morning Light

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There is something about sunrise that sets the tone for the day! Lovely warm light reflecting on the rocks and because they’re sharp the catch our attention straight away. Isn’t the shaft of light from the sun on the sea so important – it adds life to what otherwise would be an uninteresting expanse. Suitably exposed for the time of day, sharp focus on the foreground rocks and the upright rectangular format really suits the scene. Well done.