The scores are in (ooh it’s like a Saturday on Strictly!) from the South Tyne Area print comp 2019. 

In first place was Whickham Photographic Club with  267 points. A very close 2nd was Hexham with 266 points; 3rd was Gateshead with 263 points; 4th Winlaton Camera Club with 260 points; next Ryton our fantastic hosts for the night on 252 points and finally South Shields with 250 points. No one from any club scored less than 20/30 which is outstanding. Everyone can pat themselves on the back

Last mention of the night goes to our very fair judge, Dave Phillips from Hartlepool. He gave made some great observations which everyone will be pleased about. He was a bit put out that someone had entered a monkey picture though, being from Hartlepool, but he didn’t mark it down.

The three prints gained 30/30 (above) from left to right ‘Steps’ & ‘Anguish’ both from Hexham Photographic Society and ‘ Fallen Leaves’ which Dave decided was the better of the three and was by Les Hill of Whickham Photographic Club.

Here are the ten entries submitted by Winlaton Camera Club.

Anti-Prorogation Demonstration, 31st August, Newcastle
Reg Ord (25/30)
Peter Chrisp (29/30)
Chapeltown Santa, Leeds
Peter Chrisp (26/30)
Long Forgotten
Paul Watson (27/30)
Doorway No.9
Paul Watson (27/30)
Misty Morning at Glencoe
Lesley Hudspith (26/30)
Black and White Landscape
Peter Chrisp (23/30)
Peter Chrisp (28/30)
Paul Watson (24/30)
Spectators at Croft Motor Racing Circuit
Reg Ord (25/30)