South Tyne Club Competition

As a club, we have to prepare a submission of 10 images for the South Tyneside Club Competition, where we compete against the other clubs in our region: Whickham, Ryton, Gateshead, South Shields and Hexham. The judging is being carried out remotely this year and the competition streamed live via Zoom. Further details to follow on that.

Please upload up to three of your best images here. In your selection, keep in mind the type of things judges look for and feedback we have received in the past. Perhaps even editing an image based on feedback given.


The original submission date for the competition was Monday 26 October. We have been granted a slight extension to that. Images must be re-sized 1400×1040 pixels (1400 being the long side) and with our agreed naming structure (club member no-title.jpg, e.g 02-poppies.jpg). Any square format images must be sized 1040×1040 pixels. If you’re not sure please don’t upload and seek help first.

You have until Friday 23 October to submit up to three images to our website. Competition winning images (1st to 3rd) will be added in addition to those uploaded by members so don’t include these in those you upload. If you have a highly commended image that you want included, it will count as one of your three allowed images. If you’ve sent your re-sized images to Jacqui, she will submit them to the website gallery. No images can be submitted after 23 October.


Voting opens on Saturday 24 October until Friday 29 October when the votes will be counted and results presented. As a club, we can then decide if we have the right selection to ensure some variety.

Competition Entry Form: South Tyne Club Competition

Please complete all fields accurately to submit your entry.

Not sure of this? Click here. If you added your membership number to your profile then it will appear here automatically.

For the calendar competition please ensure that your images are titled appropriately, so we know who you are and which image you want to enter for which month. For example, 34-6.jpg would tell us that this was the entry for member number 34 and for the June (month 6) calendar page.

It should start with your membership number, then follow with the title of the image. For example '7-Puffins.jpg'. You may upload a maximum of four images with a 3Mb limit for each.