Summer Nights Out… Newcastle Helix Buildings

Jul 26, 2022

We arranged to visit this interesting group of buildings on what would be the HOTTEST day ever! Temperatures peaked at 40.2 degrees in parts of the country and everyone was feeling it… but our intrepid bunch of four – Richard, Peter, Paul and Lawrence decided that the photography must continue and made it through the heat! The rest of us couldn’t stand it and went the following week when it was much cooler!

What a fantastic area it is… full of shapes, patterns, architecture, people and landscapes, so there was a bit of everything to photograph, and it’s a great area to walk around. Built on the old Newcastle Brewery site, this new development has transformed the old brewery into a buzzing new city quarter, full of places to eat, drink, study and work… and it’s open to everyone! Buildings include the Catalyst, The Biosphere, The Core, The Key, Lumen and Spark to name a few, and well worth a look around!  All members who attended said what a great evening it was, and agreed that it was better in the cool of the evening too!

But well done to our fab four for venturing out anyway.