Website Banner Competition – Round One

Nov 14, 2023

This week we saw the results for the first round of our new banner competition, which our members voted for online.

We had entries for 6 categories, Natural World, Food, Freezing Time, Events, Water and Woodland. But when the results came back from John, there seemed to be an extra category… Winter! We think it’s to do with the way some images had been titled, but don’t worry, we are just going to include it!

The lucky members who won were Paul Hattam, Vera Singh, Brian Curry, Mark James, Jen Page and Paul Burdon! So many congratulations to them all, they will soon see their image gracing the front page of our website for a whole month! Paul Hattam is first, starting 1st December, and his image of a beautiful robin in the frost is perfect for a December image!

The image attached is by Mark James who was the worthy winner of the Events category! Well done all members who entered, and especially to those who won!