The Winlaton Trophy 2020


Results Announced: 24th March
Judge: Peter Walton

An Introduction from our judge, Peter Walton…

Thank you for inviting me to judge these competitions, I did enjoy spending some time with the images and was thoroughly immersed in the broad range of subject matter your members have chosen, well done!

Selection is always difficult, some images were very close, but I have decided to award five Highly Commended in addition to 3rd, 2nd, and 1st in each competition.

I have enclosed my notes that I would have used to prompt my live judging. I hope these don’t confuse you all too much as a live judging always provides more clarity, but circumstances have unfortunately put us here.

Best wishes to you all in these confining times! But let’s take advantage of the situation with photography, who knows what images may surface this time next year!

Kind Regards

Peter Walton
NCPF Judge