PDI 1 Results - 2020

Open Subject


Results Announced: 17th November 2020

1st Place

Jenifer Page

2nd Place

Vera Singh

3rd Place

Sheer Poppies
Jacqui Turnbull

Highly Commended:

Father & Son
Richard Reay

Past My Best
Jenifer Page

Dandelion Seedhead Droplets
Mandy Hedley

Red Hut
Paul Watson

Starling Chick
Mandy Hedley

Poppy Sunset
Lesley Hudspith

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Bridges at Sunset

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Appears to have been taken during the construction of the Queensferry Crossing. Dark corners to the image hold the eye in. Interest in sky. As is inevitable, the sun is burned out - could you have worked on this (reduce highlights, clone some bridge)? Good use of log as foreground interest, catching the light nicely. Has some of the light on the beach been enhanced at taking-time?