2024 WCC Calendar Selection Evening

Apr 18, 2023

Tonight saw us choosing our final six images that will grace the pages of next year’s WCC Calendar, and a lovely lot of images there were to look at, too! We decided as a club, that one member could have one winning image in the first six months (Jan-Jun) and one more in the second six months (Jul-Dec). This makes it fair for all members to have a chance of being placed. If a member got two images picked in any 6 months, only one would be entered, and the other would go to the second placed image. So, in order, here are our winners! Jan – Tracey Ainsley, Feb – Jamie Welsh, March – Vera Singh, April – Lesley Hudspith, May – Brigitte Appleton, June – Shawn Wallwork, July – Brigitte Appleton, August – Kate Winstanley, September – Paul Hattam, October – Mandy Hedley, November – Keith Kirkland and December – Brian Curry. A huge well done to all winners, and as soon as the calendars are ready, we’ll let you all know! A fantastic range of images, so thanks to all those that entered and came along to vote too!