Nigel Hepplewhite – Guest Speaker

Oct 11, 2022

An evening with Inspire an Image, AKA Nigel Hepplewhite. Tuesday 11th October.

We had our first guest speaker at the club on Tuesday, and what an evening it was! Nigel Hepplewhite came to show us some of his images, and it was fascinating to see how he had developed as a creative wedding and landscape photographer.

His talk started off by showing us how he got into photography, and it was very similar to some of our own member’s journeys too. Nigel has now become self employed as a full time photographer and has taken the leap into speaking and holding workshops to share some of his talents. I think everyone enjoyed his talk very much, and took away some inspiration too.

I’m sure we will see some of that inspiration coming through into our competitions, and I look forward to seeing the results! Thank you Nigel, on behalf of all of us here at WCC.