South Tyne PDI Competition

Feb 16, 2024

1st Gateshead 248 points
2nd Winlaton 242 points
3rd South Shields 231 points
4th Whickham 229 points
5th Ryton 228 points
6th Hexham 222 points
Mandy Hedley scored the maximum 30 points for her image “Swan Lake”, many congratulations to her!
We are still waiting for one more image, once received, this post will be updated.

Peaky Blinder - Brian Curry

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21 points

This season’s South Tyne PDI Competition was held at Whickham PC and we all went over to see if we could replicate our win at the South Tyne Prints Competition earlier on in the season! A great turnout by members to support the club, it was a slow burner… we were trailing for the first half but then pulled it back in the second half, and very narrowly missed the top spot on the last few images! A huge well done to our Mandy, who scored the maximum 30 points for her image “Swan Lake”, and she narrowly missed the image being crowned best picture. Gateshead came out on top, which was great to see, as they hadn’t won for 13 years! We were just pipped at the post but nontheless, a fantastic result for WCC and we congratulate our members who had their images entered. Well done!